How To Choose The Perfect Mattress For Your Sleeping Position

Although many people think that it is ideal to sleep in a very soft bed, it is not the only thing that matters. To maintain a good chiropractic health, your bed, and more importantly your mattress, should offer maximum support for your back. A good mattress should encourage proper alignment and good sleep posture.

However, finding the best mattress for your back and posture is not that easy. Due to a plethora of models, shapes, and sizes, it can be somewhat hard to find the one.r45t67ujtyrhgr

Tips for choosing the best mattress for your sleeping position

How firm should it be?

It is no secret that there are still many people who think that the firmer a mattress is, the better. In most situations, that is not the case. As usual, the key lies somewhere in the middle. What you need is a mattress that is soft enough to be comfortable and firm enough to support your body.

The types

Mattresses can be made from a wide variety of materials. All of these can affect your spine health and comfort in a different way. The most common mattresses are coil/inner spring ones. These are made with metal coils or springs, which hold the padding layers on top of them. The main disadvantage of these mattresses is that they are not suitable for long-term use. The main reason is that the springs or coils quickly start to lose their resilience. This causes the padding to compress in such a way that it will start to put a lot of strain on your lower back area and hips. If you are on a tighter budget, purchasing a coil mattress can be a good idea. However, keep in mind that you will probably have to replace it after a couple of years.

Memory foam models

These mattresses are of a newer design and can be found anywhere on the internet especially instagram, and they have become quite popular in recent time. The main reason behind their popularity lies in the fact that they can properly distribute the weight of the user across its entire surface. They are capable of supporting your whole body, as well as reducing the pressure points. Memory foam mattresses are much more durable than coiled ones and usually last for much longer.

Latex models

Arguably the best mattresses are the latex ones. The latex used for these can either be synthetic, natural or made from rubber trees. Latex mattresses are very versatile and commonly provide varying levels of strength and firmness. Keep in mind, though, that natural latex models are more durable than synthetic ones.

Test before making a purchase

4t567uyyutyrBefore you purchase an ideal mattress, it is imperative that you properly test it. To do that, make sure to lie on it for at least 15-20 minutes, in your standard sleep position. Also, try to use the pillow you usually sleep on, as well. This way, you can get the best impression and feel of how supportive and comfortable the mattress is.

Even though choosing and purchasing a new mattress may seem daunting, especially with all the options out there, it usually boils down to finding the right-sized, comfortable and medium-firm mattress. Also, to make the best possible purchase, don’t forget to compare the prices of various models, so as to get the best bang for your buck.